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About us

 At Zuup Design, our mission is to improve the way people manage their health and beauty everyday and bring out their best.

We are not a conventional health company by any means.  We develop products that are fun, cool, and exciting.  Learn more about your health passion and desire to improve, with friends and compete against yourself.  Overcoming serious health challenges requires enormous mental, emotional, and physical focus to achieve your outcomes.  ZUUP provides those tools to succeed and reach your health goals, without taking over your life, but working inside your lifestyle.

ZUUP is a mission based company, focusing on building an ecosystem of health and personal care gear that builds around the user lifestyle.  This blends technology and makes taking care of yourself easier and more fun than anything else available.

So when you think of ZUUP, think of the exciting, edgy, and unconventional desire to help you achieve your health and personal care goals, and deliver passion driven products built around your lifestyle.